Many vitamins are available in Carrot. Mainly Vitamin A in Carrot acts as Anti Oxidant. It helps our skin to be healthy. Those who will be drinking carrot juice regularly, will have healthy and shiny skin.

  1. Blend the carrot pieces in grinder and make puree.
  2. Take luke warm water in a glass
  3. Mix the puree to the luke warm water
  4. Mix 1 table spoon of lime juice to the carrot juice.

Drinking this juice regularly helps the skin in Anti ageing.

On the other side Pomegranate helps to get anti ageing and glowing skin. Pomegranate contains plenty of anti ageing properties. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K as well. It gives glow to the skin. Prepare a pomegranate juice and add mint leaves to the juice. Taking the juice regularly will have anti ageing, glowing skin as well as health benefit.